Benchmade 51BK- Black Blade!

It’s finally here! We all remember the Benchmade 42 (praise it’s titanium frame and unearthly beauty), but what we have is the 51. And the 51 balisong is a great butterfly knife by any measure. And the 51 just got a little bit sexier. Fans have long requested a black bladed model 51. And BladeHQ has it, in stock, now.

The specs are the same as the regular 51 balisong except that now there’s a BK1 coated black blade. These items are produced in limited production runs and are sure to be a popular addition to the 51 franchise. Check out this incredible knife today: Benchmade 51BK.


Benchmade 51BK- Black Blade! — 1 Comment

  1. Do you have any idea if they’re going to continue the 5x line like the 4x line? I noticed this 51 has a similar blade design as the 41 and my favorite BM is the 46 dont wanna pay some random dude 500 bucks for a 200$ knife

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