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2) To request that the 42 be put back into production

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 My first experience with the Benchmade 42 was about seven years ago. I had recently stared my knife shop, opened a store and gotten an account with Benchmade. When the 42 series arrived I knew they were special. My only experience with butterfly knives up to that point was a couple of knives from Jaguar. You can imagine how floored I was with the 42. I kept one for myself and use it for everything. We sold- ready for this – nearly 3000 Benchmade 42 and 42s knives before they were finally discontinued in 2010. We petitioned Benchmade to make the knives again, but they refused. We personally committed to 2000 pieces, but still no luck. We would love to see this model produced again and we know our customers would be too. At any rate, we have put up this website to honor what much of the world considered to the the pinnacle of production butterfly knives. Rest in peace 42.


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  1. I know that I miss the 42. The 51 is okay, but it lacks the weight & balance of the 40 series. I hope one day benchmade brings it back. Or at least offers another versions of it. I wonder why it went away to begin with…

  2. I’m new to the balisong community, and the Benchmade 42 is the best looking knife I’ve come across. Currently using a Jaguar balisong, and it’s a relatively good knife for it’s price, but it’s nothing compared to the BM-42.

    Please, bring the 42 back.

  3. Seriously, we need the 42 back. I don’t think any new benchmade will ever beat it.

    To whoever sees this – contact benchmade and request that the 42 should be recontinued. I one did it, and it turns out that other people did too before. (Not a surprise!) Maybe if enough people ask for it to come back, they make make them once again!

  4. I love my 42 so much… I was lucky enough to find it after the discontinuation in a very small Italian knife shop in San Gimignano when I was on vacation there. Ha, I was probably just as lucky getting it home. But Benchmade, you’ve taken what is considered by just about every flipper the absolute best knife there is. Please, please, PLEASE bring it back. Your current Balisongs continue to get worse, the 53? What is that?! And your materials continue to get cheaper, it’s unfortunate to watch this and your customers expect much more from a company as you, ESPECIALLY when you charge what you do for such knives. We know better quality is possible, so please, give us back the 42 or an equivalent of equal or better quality.

  5. So is Benchmade gonna bring back the 42 or not? I don’t get why it was stopped since is seemed to be really popular. I heard there were some issues or somethin with handles. Why dont they just use some other kind of handle material? Bring the 42 back dammit!


  7. i got my first benchmade in 2001 from a local cutlery shop. i just sold it for nearly $300. that’s impressive. no one makes a butterfly like benchmade. i have a kimura and it’s okay, but too heavy. i would buy a new 42 if they made them. used ones are too much. it’s crazy.

  8. So I was strolling through some forums the other day and I heard a rumor. Word on the street is that Benchmade is going to make the 42 again but using aluminum or steel for the handles. Is this true? That would be sweet! I have three 40 series balis- a 42, 43, and 47 (also have two of the 51). I don’t like the new damascus 42. It should have been channel construction, but whatever. I couldn’t have got it anyway! Tell Benchmade to make the 42 again!!!

  9. Just another voice here asking for the return of the 42! I think there is hope that the 62 will be heir to the throne, but I would also like to see the 42 come back!

    I sent BM a message to let them know.

    Great website you have here, by the way!

  10. Please Bench made, bring back the BM 42. It is one of the best balisongs out there. I would buy two if them if they weren’t discontinued. If anyone from benchmade reads this then please consider the 42

  11. I just got into flipping for the first time, and obviously everywhere you go says you have to get a BM 42 if you want to get serious. I have several balisongs now, and recently paid $400 to get my first 42 and it was worth every penny. I also bought a model 30 (PCC) for $250 just to have one. I bet that thing was 80 bucks when it first came out. MAKE THE 42’S AGAIN!! I WILL BUY A DOZEN!! ILL EVEN PAY IN ADVANCE!

  12. Benchmade everyone wants you to put the 42 back in production!! We don’t want the 62!! THAT is the exact opposite from what we want!! We want a balisong with long handles, spring latch, in 4 ounce range, and titanium or aluminum handles. (would prefer titanium). Plus with the new Microtech Tachyon 2 coming out you guys need a knife that can compete with that! The 62 is to heavy and to short!!! Make something your costumers will enjoy!! Thanks BM for all the great products!

  13. Have owned the model 42 for nearly 10 years, mine is the 440c blade and I love it! Literally ballisong perfection, was looking to pick up another and was shocked they no longer make it. Seriously????

  14. I got three 42’s. Two are anodized, one blue the other purple, the third is stock. I’ve have one of them for over 12 years and I swear they are my favorite knife. I also own other well made balisongs such as 29 knives, tach 2 and the BM 51 and the 42 destroys them all. I believe the aesthetics of knife cannot be beat, all the 4X are nice but my favorite is the 43 and 42.

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