Benchmade 42

Welcome to! This website is set up as a tribute to the world’s best production balisong (butterfly knife). The Benchmade® 42 has been discontinued for nearly a year now, but it’s memory lives on. Forums are alive with discussion about the 42 and online searches number in the thousands each month.

Fans of the Benchmade® 42 will remember the knife for it’s titanium handles, excellent balance and Benchmade® quality. Fans may also recall that the 42 had a slew of siblings such as the 41, 43 (bowie), 46, 47 and other popular (and also discontinued) models.

It is our hope… no, our prayer, that one day Benchmade will bring back these beautiful knives back one day. In the meantime… enjoy the full line of other Benchmade Knives! is operated by, an authorized Benchmade® retailer. This website was created to promote Benchmade® balisong knives and keep the memory of the Benchmade® 42 burning bright.


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  1. Hello my name is Andy I live in Warsaw Indiana, close to ft wayne Indiana and I have a brand new balisong 42 I bought probably 3 to 5 years ago and am in quite a bind and need make some money for rent for my family, if u would make me a reasonable offer on it I would b willing to sell it, u can email me back or CA at 574-575-2161

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